But in some exotic cases, impossibility to apply very high voltage to memory may have a negative effect. Still Foxconn’s reliability as a manufacturer is very high, and it’s using high quality electrolytic capacitors like Rubycon and Lelon brands. Dynamic range, dB A: While PCI Express devices aside from videocards are hard to come by, it’s nice to see this board supports higher bandwidth peripherals thanks to a PCI Express x4 slot. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

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List all Foxconn heat sinks that Frostytech tested? Perhaps it’s not very interesting etheernet read about it, but it performs really well. Both the P Express and ICH8 chipsets are passively cooled with compact aluminum heatsinks so you’re advised to maintain consistent system airflow to keep chipset temperatures in check.

Intel P Foxconn PAA- 8KS2H

Foxconn has introduced their CORE etehrnet of motherboards that will appeal to the budget minded user who still expects a very good feature set, excellent quality, and solid performance for their money.

The Intel P Express chipset is cooled by a larger passive aluminum heatsink that takes advantage of the air currents from the CPU fan exhaust for cooling.

But most users do not use additional SATA controllers at all. Given their OEM provider roots, it’s not too surprising that the initial Foxconn motherboards failed to cater to the enthusiast community.

The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested.

Foxconn PAA-8EKRS2H — a Motherboard Based on Intel P

What concerns functional problems, we can note one of the three PCI slots – it’s very close etjernet the graphics slot, so a video card with a bulky cooling system can ethhernet you only with two available PCI slots. Running a few steps forward, we can say that the motherboard proved to be a decent product. If you find the system unstable during load, etherent connecting the power supply to the motherboard through the auxiliary molex power connector just above the PCI Express x1 slot.


Let’s take a look at the board’s feature set and see just how well this budget oriented motherboard lives up to our other expectations. UDMA is enabled only under Windows. Or in other words, it’s a completely silent cooling solution!

Foxconn could have done a better job at labelling the Clear CMOS jumper though, in the dark of an installed case identifying is difficult. We are concerned about chipset cooling, though: This motherboard uses a budget ch audio codec ALC, which looks good only due to its number of channels even compared to mediocre Realtek models. However, quality of the analog output is on a very good level, typical of all modern motherboards with HDA. There is an empty seat for the second COM port on a bracket, and another one for some controller to all appearances, it’s a network controller, but Foxconn does not offer models with this element.

In Case You Missed it Current students and faculty of accredited Universities may use Frostytech images in research papers and thesis, provided each image is attributed. Thus, we had to compare motherboards with timings.

Dynamic range, dB A: This model on the manufacturer’s web site Russian mirror The motherboard is kindly provided by the manufacturer Sergei Pikalov ethernte ixbt.

We had to raise voltage to 2.


About Us Employment Privacy Policy. What concerns the comparison between this Foxconn motherboard and other representatives of Intel chipsets, we can safely say that Foxconn PAA-8EKRS2H is no worse than its competitors in equal conditions.

Next to the memory we find the legacy floppy and main 24 pin ATX power connector. No USB brackets are included however.

Intel P965: Foxconn P9657AA- 8KS2H

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. In return, it fully emulates the standard IDE controller you don’t need Windows drivers. The choice of capacitors for critical circuits is praiseworthy as well as the CPU voltage regulator — this motherboard is no worse than its competitors in terms of field-effect transistors. Let’s hope that the engineers calculated everything correctly constantly growing admissible temperatures of modern chips also calm us down ; at least, the motherboard etyernet our tests without additional cooling of its bridges.

The motherboard allows to call voxconn a menu to select a boot device during the POST procedure by pressing a certain key or to display it always – you can configure it in BIOS Setupa convenient way for a once-only boot-up, for example from a CD drive, without making changes in BIOS Setup. The motherboard did not allow to set timings to in DDR mode, although these modules worked in this mode with other motherboards. No description about what’s different though.