Thanks, the carriage drive belt looks good, a bit dirty, but no sign of shredding. I also again cleaned off the contacts on the cartridges. To clean it, cut up some coffee filters into strips. Keep up the good work! If you recorded the printer and sent me a file I would likely recognize the noise Alas, it continues to not print in black.

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Or is there another way to do this? It’s got a series of fine lines on ;rinter that the printer uses to position the printhead in the correct place on a page, if it’s dirty it jumps a bit, creating the grinding noise. And do not trust the ink gauge on the PC, cartridges can dry up from the machine just sitting, the cartridges are vented, venting is necessary to let air in so that a vacuum won’t develop in the cartridge.

HP Deskjet C Standard Inkjet Printer | eBay

My c only prints in pink too for color. The attached file contains a patch for this issue for Vista and Windows 7. There are many, many posts regarding “pink flu”. Then soak a strip in distilled water, lightly wrap it over the plastic rpinter, and gently slide the filter paper along it to remove the ink front and back sides of the strip.


HP Deskjet 722C Standard Inkjet Printer

People believe that they have good cartridges until I suggest that they blot them on a damp paper towel to test for ink flow. Purchased and first used with Windows 98 and even after update to Windows XP.

The driver they gave us does allow individual page prints by page number, so for small jobs you can print pg 1, turn over the paper and print pg 2, etc. Moussa, Have you tried to manually set up the printer? From what you describe the plastic piece has been knocked out of place. ST danajohn, If all lights flash rapidly make sure the carriage cable is plugged in tightly.

Alignment went without incident. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable, restart the computer, and then reconnect the printer power cable.

We have bought 3 of these over the last 10 years. The photo I used, which has very little color in it, alternates bands with gray and red tints, if that can provide desjjet with a clue. Coffee filters are lint free. Stephen, Thank you for the advice. Note, I do not work for this web site, so I might not check the forums again for weeks, so if you simply add another post I may never see it.

HP Deskjet 722c

It makes a grinding noise. I’m tied up with my lady friend tomorrow, but will likely be tacking one of the “good” printers on Sunday. The encoder strip is a bit dirty and I will clean ddeskjet.


Install using the procedure shown here. They can also be easily refurbed.

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I have cleaned the contacts on the carriage cradle with no change in the result. If still an issue, I’ll repeat the cleaning.

I have a possible broken one but don’t want to buy a color cardridge until I bp it works!! The only things moving are the carriage motor, the carriage, and the idler pulley.

Finally, I happened to run an interesting comparison with my newer HP The driver is generic and is missing features that were supported by Windows At one point, I briefly ground gears.

Any ideas on how to repair this problem. The driver offered for download is a least common function generic. Ordering over the Internet would be fine. Assuming that priner isn’t open to you and money is virtually non-existent, here are some work-arounds that you might not have considered: Some text lines on the page print more boldly than others.